February 2018

Volume 28Issue 2p103-196

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Workshop reports

  • 231st ENMC International Workshop:

    International Standard for CIDP Registry and Biobank, Naarden, The Netherlands, 12–14 May 2017

    • Filip Eftimov,
    • Carina Bunschoten,
    • Yusuf Rajabally,
    • Luis Querol
    • on behalf of the participants of the 231st ENMC workshop
    Published online: December 04, 2017
  • 227th ENMC International Workshop:

    Finalizing a plan to guarantee quality in translational research for neuromuscular diseases Heemskerk, Netherlands, 10–11 February 2017

    • Raffaella Willmann,
    • Filippo Buccella,
    • Annamaria De Luca,
    • Miranda D. Grounds
    • on behalf of the 227th ENMC workshop study group
    Published online: November 15, 2017

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